How to Manage Your Virtual Assistant?

How to Manage Your Virtual Assistant?

Are you looking for a virtual assistant but unsure of how to manage them? Managing your virtual assistant is really not that difficult. A great virtual assistant may relieve you of a lot of work, and hiring one is a cost-effective choice for business owners in need of assistance. 

Before you hire your first virtual assistant, keep in mind that even if they won’t be working in your office, you still need to handle them and your relationship appropriately.

The following are the top seven suggestions for effectively managing a virtual assistant:

Constantly send instant messages

You require a virtual assistant who can speak and interact with you clearly. Someone who is fluent in English. Additionally, consider using instant messaging services like Slack, WhatsApp, or even Facebook Messenger as a means of communication. It will be helpful if you provide your VA with prompt feedback on the duties you assigned to her.

Keep your files in Google drive

Keeping everything in Google Drive simplifies things for both you and your VA. As a result, if your VA takes a leave of absence or quits, you will have a copy of everything.

Cut them off after 30 minutes

Justin Palmer, founder, and CEO of MedSaverCard advises business owners to give VAs only 30 minutes of work at first. After 30 minutes, you can assess your VA’s progress and whether she is on track. No time is wasted in this manner.

Don’t allow in-box clogging

Nothing is more aggravating and infuriating than having your VA constantly send you short texts. Touch-base conversations are strongly advised because your VA can save questions then.

Define your expectations precisely

Give your VA a detailed job description and treat them as internal employees. As a result, there will be less room for errors and miscommunications. Giving them your expectations will give your VA a time frame for completing the task and how should the task must be done. 

Fire quickly

When your virtual assistant is unresponsive or fails to meet your expectations, this is the case sometimes. You have the authority to fire your VA if you are unhappy with his or her work. However, you can give them plenty of time to feel at ease on the job, and if they aren’t truly aligning with your values, you can politely cut them off.

Communicate every day

It can be very simple to lose contact with a VA. Check-in with each other every day on Skype, email, or WhatsApp to make sure you’re all on the same page. Just 5 to 10 minutes a day would be fine. The chat doesn’t have to last for hours every time. If neglected, virtual teams have a tendency to end up.


As you can see, managing a Virtual Assistant is a piece of cake.  It is sufficient to simply keep tabs on one another’s progress.  Having a virtual assistant would be extremely beneficial to you and your business. Are you currently looking for one? Your VA Partner is here to assist you; we have a team of virtual assistants who are specifically trained to meet your needs. Schedule a discovery call today.


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