How to Hire a Great Executive Assistant?

How to Hire a Great Executive Assistant?

The majority of business owners are unsure how to hire excellent virtual assistants. So, how are we gonna hire a virtual assistant? Great virtual assistants don’t just arise out of nowhere; they need time to develop. Being a wonderful leader or boss, on the other hand, will aid in the development of amazing executive assistants. Being a good leader will inspire them to be good followers.

Virtual assistants support clients without the need for them to be physically present. They could be found on any of the world’s continents. All files are shared online, and because you’re in various places, excellent communication is essential to keeping everything running smoothly, an excellent virtual assistant should possess different positive qualities. 

Executive assistants are some of the most visible people in an office setting. However, these days, due to the rise of the pandemic, administrative tasks, phone operations, and making life easier for business owners can be excellently accomplished remotely. Who would have thought? So now, how to hire virtual assistants? However, first and foremost, qualities must be considered. 

Administrative assistants with exceptional talents are essential to the success of any firm. They are the clever magicians behind the company’s curtain, the managers who keep the office operating smoothly, the smart multitaskers, and detail-oriented organizers.  The best administrative experts aren’t merely backups. They offer value to the job in ways that make them vital to the success of an organization. What are their administrative capabilities? Everything from planning to communicating to organizing to 

What does it take to be the type of excellent virtual assistant that companies can’t live without?

Qualities a Great Virtual Assistant Should Possess:

However, because executive assistants are such an important component of business teams, you can’t deny that they need to have the necessary competence to stand out to potential employers. They serve as vital links between your employers and coworkers. Furthermore, the great support they provide to management necessitates some substantial capabilities for them to flourish and advance, so they must concentrate on honing the qualities that top executives value the most.

Unfortunately, there is a widespread belief in the business world that “anyone can do that job” when it comes to admins. However, every employer who has had a terrible assistant knows that this is far from the case. To catch the best fish, look for the following attributes in a virtual assistant with the qualities highlighted below. 

Expertise in Technology

When we talk about technological expertise, we’re referring to technological compatibility. We usually consider whether machines can communicate with one another, but we should keep in mind that there is also a human component. If you want to collaborate with your virtual assistant, they must use the same technologies as you have. 

Before hiring a virtual assistant, be sure that they are familiar with the applications and file formats that you already use. It would be fascinating to learn how a person or a company interacts with technology. Is she using the same program as you or something similar that is more comfortable, controlled, and straightforward?

Executive assistants with the appropriate technical skills to handle data entry, maintain team calendars, and prepare company reports are in high demand.

Excellent Verbal and Written Communication

An excellent virtual assistant will be responsible for a wide range of papers, from e-mails to memos to the entire organization, and will need to communicate clearly and concisely. Great communication skills are one of the most critical administrative skills an executive assistant will possess; you should be able to trust them to be the face and voice of other employees, as well as the firm itself. 

Executive assistants are involved in every sort of communication. They must communicate well over the phone, compose effective emails, and exude confidence while speaking with co-workers at all levels via phone. On behalf of their boss, they are frequently required to compose company-wide communications or even put together graphic presentations.

Organizational Skills

A great executive assistant should be organized. You don’t have time to squander duplicating work due to a lack of organization while you’re working on a lot of different tasks. It is advantageous for your firm to recruit an executive assistant with excellent organizing abilities. Furthermore, a structured task reduces stress and prevents crucial work from “falling through the cracks,” both literally and metaphorically. He needs to be able to multitask and keep track of everything for you and the benefit of your company. 

Ensuring Availability

Part of the hiring process is ensuring that your virtual assistant is available when you need them. There are a couple of things to consider. Is it necessary for your virtual assistant to be available during business hours? You’ll have additional possibilities for employing executive assistants if some or all of your work can be done overnight in another timezone. 

Next, which applicants are available at a time that is convenient for you? And are you willing to make an exception for an otherwise perfect candidate? An excellent virtual assistant is designed to make your job and life easier, so hiring someone whose schedule conflicts with yours is pointless.

A great executive assistant should be accessible at all times via phone, e-mail, SMS, and other chat tools that you use frequently. To keep track of messages and make controlling your virtual assistant much easier, you should have your gateway. Some companies offer mobile apps that include chat, calls, and voicemails and relate them to the work at hand.


Security is extremely important. It is critical to allow someone to look into your company. Between you and your executive assistant, confidential information will be passed back and forth. Before you begin working with your virtual assistant, you must have a safe route to send messages, data, and documents. 

A company that provides remote executive assistants might be able to help you with this, but if you’re going it alone, you’ll have to do it yourself. It’s critical to set up login credentials for your helper on your systems. Make sure they can only see what you need them to see. Set up the login so you may swiftly and easily delete their access if an issue arises or if they decide to leave.

A company providing remote executive assistants might sort this out for you, but if you are going solo, then you need to set it up yourself. Arranging login credentials on your systems for your assistant is a must. Make sure that they can only access what you only need to show. Set up the login so that you can quickly and easily remove their access if there is a problem or if they quit. After all, we don’t want a former employee to have access to your private data.

Last but not least, there’s a non-disclosure agreement, which is more legal than technological. Make sure your new assistant and any company you’re hiring via have signed NDAs. All the virtual security in the world won’t help if your assistance is divulging your secrets to others.

Creative Problem Solving

In 2021, a good executive assistant should be able to solve problems creatively. Because the major role of a virtual assistant is to keep things on track, problem-solving is an essential talent. With the development of remote work and flexible schedules, today’s modern workplace requires a new kind of innovative thinking to keep things going smoothly.

Along with other abilities, the ability to manage difficult situations with ease is a talent. Solving minor issues without bringing them to you will relieve you of some of your responsibilities. Having this type of virtual assistant is priceless.


Having a keen eye is essential, which is why being detail-oriented is necessary for an administrative job. Consider this: a lot of what an administrator does is high-stakes. If you don’t get that executive on a plane, she might not be able to close the next round of funding that your company requires to stay afloat. Quality control when it comes to details is a big asset for any admin. 

Furthermore, virtual assistants must be detail-oriented when managing sensitive customer or partner contacts in order to detect potential problems. Having a keen eye for detail aids with data input and reporting, ensuring that her work is precise and reliable. Missing minor things creates a negative impression on the recipient and opens the door to more errors.


How to hire a virtual assistant? To reap the most benefits from your virtual assistant, consider what they will do for you in the first place. Consider the tasks that you will delegate to them. It may be difficult to look for these characteristics when choosing an executive assistant. Allowing your virtual assistant to focus on these skills, on the other hand, will be difficult but fruitful in the long run.

One of the variables of how you can hire an excellent virtual assistant is your budget. The more money you are willing to spend on a virtual assistant, the more skills and hours you will be able to gain. The more you can insist on those working around your timetable, the better. Most importantly, the greater the quality of a virtual assistant you can receive.


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