Top 3 Ways on How To Free Your Time By Using A Virtual Assistant

Top 3 Ways on How To Free Your Time By Using A Virtual Assistant


Every business owner reaches a moment where they become so preoccupied with their business that they forget to take things slowly and maintain a work-life balance. Especially if you’re just a start-up, you forgot to have days off. Working every day non-stop may burn you out and causes you to forget the more important things to focus on. 

All entrepreneurs often consider how to run their business like a pro for it to run smoothly and grow in the way they envisioned. Being the CEO isn’t simple, but it’s what you wanted to do in the first place, which is why you founded this firm and started your brand. 

But, after the first thrill has worn off, you’ll find that things aren’t quite as simple as they appear. You forget how hard you’ve worked and how much you’ve yearned to spend time with your family and yourself. Outsourcing some tasks is the key to freeing up time. After you’ve identified the functions that require your expertise, it’s time to engage a competent assistant to handle the rest of the tasks that are equally important to your firm.

Simply be prepared and certain to hire a virtual assistant for yourself, and be aware of the common hiring pitfalls when doing so. Don’t be hesitant to hire one because managing your virtual assistant will become easier with time. Being a good boss is being able to give step-by-step directions and explain the logic clearly and simply. Many virtual assistants have a varied set of skills, rather than assuming they know what to perform, tell them what skills and tasks you require.

The capacity to get things done through other people is a key indicator of whether or not you’re a good manager. However, most managers fail to devote the time necessary to train their virtual assistants, despite the fact that training is one of the most important aspects of outsourcing. Remember, the more you educate and instruct your virtual assistant, the less you’ll have to worry about repeating the same mistakes and wasting time retraining.

One of the many techniques for effectively managing your time and responsibilities is to outsource or hire a virtual assistant. It won’t hurt to try out these strategies because they have so many benefits for you and your company.

We’ll guide you in determining how a virtual assistant can help you to manage and free up your time. 

What Are Virtual Assistants and What Do They Do?

In a simple explanation, virtual assistants (VA) are secretaries that can accomplish tasks virtually by using computers, phones, or both. Sith being dubbed virtual, are capable to complete tasks for you in any part of the world, and at any time of your choice. Some virtual assistants can be basic, like answering calls, to a more specific niche, like creating business plans for non-profits, or designing a website for your firm. So before hiring one, ensure to know exactly what you need them to do to be able to assist you. 

When compared to hiring full-time staff, engaging a virtual assistant for a certain activity or amount of time can save you a lot of money. This will relieve tension by giving you the impression that you have additional hands to do tedious tasks that would otherwise pile up eventually.

Here are some simple tasks that can be delegated:

  1. Email Management – Responding to clients, deleting spam, moving emails, and finding vital information/details.
  2. Scheduling content – schedule blog posts, social media postings, or email newsletters to go out every day, weekly, or monthly.
  3. Manage your social media accounts – Publish to all social media channels, manage comments and inquiries, engage followers, and enhance social media reach using analytics.
  4. Update blog – Write and publish new content, reply to comments, proofread new blog entries, and maintain the blog’s SEO.
  5. Update website – Manage SEO of items & entire website, design layout, or add new content to the site by uploading products, adding descriptions, updating images, and ensuring links are active.
  6. Conducting research – data mining or researching for a major product, industry, blog topic, or content topic.
  7. Maintain a regular schedule – keep you informed about important meetings/phone calls, impending deadlines, appearances, and business trips
  8. Handling phone calls – conduct phone calls on your behalf to gather information, strengthen connections, or engage with customers/clients
  9. Bookkeeping – Gather your purchase receipts and keep track of your weekly/monthly expenses and revenues.
  10. Designing media – creating flyers, posters, program booklets, business cards, and ebooks

Training your virtual assistant

You can begin training a virtual assistant as soon as you hire them. Even if your virtual assistant is already experienced in the field, training is still necessary to convey to them the activities that must be completed. Training is also necessary because each organization is distinct and has various preferences. A common blunder is believing that virtual assistants don’t require much supervision, that they already know so much, and thus not devoting time to training.

 As a manager, you should be able to provide training by delivering clear and intelligible directions, and you should at the very least be honest about what you truly want and need. Give them perspective for each activity by explaining why they are doing this and that, as well as what will happen if they fail to perform and complete it. By following these steps, you can prevent misunderstandings and minor errors. It would also provide your virtual assistant with a lot more information about your business.

 Video training is the most effective technique to deliver online training to your assistant who is situated on the other side of the world. It would collect processes on video and host these training videos in a user-friendly training portal. You’ll find it easier to hire virtual assistants this way, and it’ll also be easier for them to accomplish their part because they may review the videos if they don’t fully comprehend them.

Monitoring the performance of your virtual assistant

There is a multitude of project management systems available on the market, many of which can be purchased for a little cost, such as Asana and Trello. These tools would allow you to keep track of their progress on a certain assignment or project.

You’d only make checklists and pin materials that your virtual assistant could use in his day-to-day activities. This strategy will let your virtual assistant follow comprehensive instructions while also allowing you to quickly monitor progress and make necessary adjustments throughout.

Maintain control over your virtual assistant

Things will get easier for both of you after your virtual assistant has adapted to your workflow and routine. Importantly, you must successfully manage your VA. Check-in on your VA every now and then to ensure that they remain efficient by keeping them engaged and motivated. Also, give him feedback on his work. This will ensure that your VA is on the right track and that you are both on the same page.

When the workload is heavy, VAs, like you, become overwhelmed and stressed, too. It would make a significant difference if you speak to them on a regular basis via Zoom or Skype. Give compliments when they do something outstanding, or identify areas that you believe should be improved, while also listening to their side of the story. This will show them that they are valuable, that you value their trust, and that you value excellent communication.

There are a variety of virtual assistants available today, each with its own set of skills. So, if you’re thinking about hiring one for yourself or your business, make sure you have a clear understanding of what you need help with ahead of time to ensure the connection is aligned with your objectives.  Yes, the main purpose of a virtual assistant is to provide you with more free time, but it is also your duty to ensure that they have everything they need to do their tasks successfully. Make it clear to them how they can best assist you, as well as why you hired them in the first place.

 Always remember that training entails making an initial investment in order to enjoy the benefits afterward. You will not only save time, but you will also be producing a leader. After you’ve put this in place, you’ll find that your focus has moved from putting out fires left and right to evaluating what’s actually being done to address the issues and prevent them.

By hiring a virtual assistant, you may save up a lot of time. Remember to provide feedback and constructive criticism, to guide, empower, and provide platforms for your virtual assistant will need to help you succeed.

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